Vision Statement

How we practice

YarCom’s outreach vision

We listen and collaborate with our customer, recognizing that shared information is vital to project success. We focus on solving our customer’s challenges.

We deliver an engineering recommendation that is sound, accurate, impartial, and forward-looking.

We competitively price our work through planning and efficiency.

We strive to exceed our customer’s expectation.

YarCom’s corporate vision

We share in our code of ethics.

We share in job performance excellence.

We share in innovation, thinking toward the singularity, willing to try on new ideas.

We share our information, with all internal corporate details available to all.

We share in our independence, as recognized subject matter experts.

We share our strengths, realizing we all bring unique talents to the table.

We share in satisfaction and enjoyment of what we accomplish.

We share our desire to stay current in our field, participating in lifelong education.

We share in our future: our children, our community, our world.

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