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Where have you heard “Yar“? You find it with YarCom and in other well known references.

On Television:

On the television show Star Trek: The Next Generation, actress Denise Crosby played the role of Tasha Yar, the Chief of Security / Tactical Officer on the USS Enterprise.

Casting a woman for this role was a revolutionary move by creator Gene Roddenberry because it placed the Enterprise’s weapons in the hands of a female warrior. Denise Crosby returned in another “yar” role as Dr. Jenna Yar in “Star Trek: New Voyages”.

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In the Movies:

In the classic 1940 romantic comedy film The Philadelphia Story, Tracy Lord Dexter-Haven (Katharine Hepburn) is about to be married to George, a social-climbing businessman, when Dexter (Cary Grant), her first husband, crashes the festivities with a pair of reporters from a tabloid magazine (James Stewart and Ruth Hussy). In the scene by the pool, Tracy and George open up Dexter’s wedding present to them which is a scale model of a sailboat called the True Love. Dexter designed and built the sailboat for Tracy when they (Dexter and Tracy) were first married:

Tracy: Why it’s a model of the True Love.

George: The what?

Tracy: A boat he designed and built practically. We sailed it down the coast of Maine and back the summer we were married. My, she was yar!

George: Yar? What’s that mean?

Tracy: It means, uh… oh, what does it mean? Easy to handle, quick to the helm, fast, bright. Everything a boat should be…

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