Intentional Communities

Sustainable : Renewable : On-grid : Off-grid

YarCom® Inc. practices engineering in the areas of community distribution, smart grid, shared generation, off-grid, cogeneration, solar, wind, micro-hydro, storage, and efficiency improvements.

We offer discounted design, turnkey, and training pricing to IC.ORG members. We proudly support the Foundation for Intentional Community.

Contact YarCom early in your energy project planning. We help you achieve a safe, code-compliant, efficient, and economically suitable design. We can work directly with community members and your building contractors.

We can attend by being on your facility or via web-teleconferencing. Your first consultation teleconference is free.

We train your membership on how to properly operate, monitor, and maintain your installation.

Be Watt-Wise

YarCom works with communities to live in a sustainable energy environment.

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